Claire Breidenbach was born in Syracuse, New York, 1991. Breidenbach works in multiple mediums. She has an intuitive relationship with the economy of materials, where each medium possesses its own demeanor, its own logic. Conducting through 3-dimensional form she creates minimalistic installations that relate upon human sentiments, and manifests the raw subtleties of vulnerability and strength. In parallel, she additionally uses the structure and depth of words and language to continue a search for human relation; forming a meditation with them in hope to find a presence within our modern society. She completed her BFA with honors at the School of Visual Arts in New York, New York, where she currently lives and works to unfold her abstract aesthetic.



SVA Senior Showcase, May 2012, December 2012

Townhouse Gallery, Brooklyn, New York ,June 2013

Raw Artist: Encompass, New York, New York, October 2013

Loft 594, Brooklyn, New York, October 2013, January, April 2014

Shervin's, New York, New York, May 2014

Brooklyn Open Studios, Brooklyn, New York, June 2014

ArtsRiot, Burlington, Vermont, June 2014

ArtWalk, Paterson, New Jersey, June 2014

Ways of Seeing- VOM Arts Council. White Plains, New York, October 2014

Artoberfest-Garner Arts Center, Garnersville, New York, October 2014

Voices: An Artist's Perspective,, Online Gallery & Catalog, December 2014

Flux- Catskills Art Society, Livingston Manor, New York, January-February 2015

Connections- Central Booking, OFFline Space, New York, New York. January 2015

GARNER Art Festival- Garnerville, New York. May 2015

Micellaneous & Blended- El Museo de Arte de Sinaloa, Sinaloa, Mexico. June 2015

Lumen Festival, Staten Island, New York June 2015

Midsummer's Night- One Arts Collective, Burlington, Vermont, July 2015

Interspace Residency- New York, New York, August 2015

Collage- Immigrant- New York, New York, August 2015

Govenor's Island Art Fair- New York, New York, September 2015

Secret- Arc Gallery- San Franscico, California, November 2015

Transforming- Site:Brooklyn, New York, New York, December 2015

Figment Art Fair- Govenors Island, New York, New York. June 2016

Starr Space Gallery- New York, New York. July 2016

Animalia- Local Project- Long Island City, New York. March 2017

Local Project- LIC, New York. March 2017

Solo-Immigrant- New York, New York. March 2017

Figment 2017- New York, New York. June 2017

Conartist- New York, New York. July 2017

Van Der Plas- New York, New York. July 2017

Space 776, Brooklyn, New York. September 2017

Artist and Fleas, New York. November 2017

Art Basel, Miami, Florida, December 2017

440 Gallery, Brooklyn, New York. January 2018

Perspective- Image Gallery, Brooklyn, New York. February 2018